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Jumat, 29 Agustus 2008

Sexy Nisha Kothari Pics Bollywood Hot Actress Photos

Sexy Nisha Kothari Pics Bollywood Hot Actress Photo

Sexy Nisha Kothari Pics Bollywood Hot Actress Photos

Nisha Kothari born Priyanka Kothari, also known as Amoha, is an Indian Bollywood actress and model.After College, Kothari became a model and appeared in a few adverts. She moved into films with Jay Jay, a Tamil movie, as Amoha. She got her break through actor Madhavan, who recommended her for an audition after viewing her photographs. She made her Bollywood debut in the films and James and Sarkar , both by Ram Gopal Varma. She then went on to do The Killer with Emraan Hashmi and the Bhatts. She has gone on to do some insignificant films and roles; the movie audience is yet to see her in something that could be deemed career defining.

Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

Hot Navel And Cleavage Show Of Namitha

Hot Actress - Hottest Sexy Actress Photos

Born and raised in Gujarat, Namitha is the glamour queen of the South Indian Film industry. She is almost 6 feet tall and weighs around 65 kg. Raised in a business family Namitha always aspired to become an actress ever since she was a small kid. She was first introduced into the film industry by Malayalam film director Siddhique. She attained instant stardom following the success of the Tamil version of the movie 'Engal Anna' opposite Tamil superstar Vijayakanth. Namitha seemed to be struggling to get roles even after the commercial success of the Engal Anna. She then decided to do some Telugu movies.

Rabu, 06 Agustus 2008

Tabu sexy Hot actress indians artist

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Wow, this is a first! Bollywood sexy and tall Actress Tabu upskirt pictures at Yeh Dharti Hamari press meet. This is proof that not only Hollywood Babes get caught with their legs open, it happens to good girls too! but who cares? She’s hot! And hotness doesn’t have a time stamp. Anyway, I’m always big fan of this hot actress and I never thought we’d see Tabu don a pair of Daisy Dukes ever, but here she is, in all her skirt-short glory! And man, her legs are looking damn hot!

ACTRESS tabu turns wild hot in the new telugu movie ,starring abbas.The actress who was known for her realistic acting in bollywood turns herself to a glamourous actress .In this telugu movie she was doing every possible sexy & hot scene to make the movie hit the box office hardly.But unluckily to the actress it doesnt happen,lukily her body curves rejuvenated the public& directores

Tamara Blezenky Hot Indonesian Actress

Hot Actress Indonesia

Tamara bleszenski are the hot actress model. This woman one of the indonesia famous artist, has tall body, beautiful, and challenge, at add with modern face makes him many at look for person. star sinetron and model tamara bleszynski, born at jakarta, 25 decembers 1974. this star lux bleed sunda-polandia very likes media entertainment since the parting with former the husband teng rafly pasha, a acheh origin entrepreneur, and also right struggle brings up putera semata their leather puppet, teng rasya islamy pasha.

Indonesia Actress Agnes Monica

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Agnes monika one of the artist or indonesia popular celebrity, with beautiful body and his beautiful voice can to interesting indonesia member attention even to outside country. agnes monica muljoto (born at jakarta, 1 july 1986; age 22 year) actress and talented indonesia singer most off all famous because plays at sinetron wedding early (2001-2003) menayangkan at rcti. in sinetron this is him perfoming a bobbysoxer that still to sit at seat s and pregnant outside marriage. pregnant outside marriage.

this the success blessing is agnes rises leaf and be one of [the] artist that calculated and beat various the acting blessing appreciation. successfully at sinetron, agnes former this little singer also often fill soundtrack sinetron and final merilis the first adult album and the story goes. . . . successful the album and melambung the name in indonesia comfort industrial cauldron.

on 10 decembers 2005, agnes launch album whaddup a. . '? . with single first have a title" not yours again" . in this newest the album, agnes pull of keith martin (united america origin singer now berkarir at popular philippine in indonesia with the song have a title" because of you" ) to berduet and creat song makes agnes in english with title" i'll light a candle" .

Cut Mutiah Actress Hot and model Hot Indonesia

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Cut mutiah indonesia section artist, he also is indonesia hot artist that has beautiful body and pretty.

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