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Senin, 01 September 2008

Angelina Jolie Hot and sexy Photo

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Angelina Jolie sexy

was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles in 1975. Her father is Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight and her mother was the late Marcheline Bertrand. Both Jolie’s parents were in the entertainment industry so it was evident that she would be in the entertainment industry. Jolie made her debut as a child alongside her father Jon Voight in the 1982 film Lookin' to Get Out.

In an interview with a German magazine, she said she would like to act in French film in few years time. Currently, she and her partner Brad has been learning French for two years. She told Monday issue of Focus news weekly, "No one has asked me yet. It would really interest me -- there are more and more great films coming out of Europe and other cultures. When I can really speak it, maybe I'll try out for a French film in a few years.
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