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Jumat, 24 April 2009

Hot Indonesian Actress - Agnes Monica Sexy Photo

Hot Indonesian Singer, Indonesian Model, Cute Indonesian Girl, Hot Actress, Popular actress, Indonesian Girl and Galery Photos angnes monica indonesian Girl.

Agnes Monica she is Born at July 1, 1986. His full name is Muljoto Agnes Monica,. She became a singer and released 3 albums called "If Meong", "Yess" and "Bala-Bala" and became a lecturer VAN (video Anteve Anak), Tralala-Trilili in Romeo and Diva in Trans RCTI TV. In 1999, she won an award from Panasonic Awards. Foto Galeri

In 2003, she released an album. His first album entitled adult "The Story Goes." The series she has played this year are "Cewekku Jutek", which also included his song "Indah" and the theme song "terindah Kau yang." During this year she got 1 price for Panasonic Award for Best Actress. Click Image thumbnail below to see Agnes monica Foto Galeri Wallpaper

 Agnes Monica Hot Photo Indonesian Actress

Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto on July 1, 1986) is an Indonesian pop singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and producer. Her first teen album "..And The Story Goes" (2003) made her popular as a singer[1] as well as her second album "Whaddup A.. '?!" (2005) with her hits song, "Tak ada Logika". Then after her second album, she wants to prove herself that she can producer her album. This can be seen from her third album "Sacredly Agnezious" (2009), with her greatest hits song, "Matahariku".

Her success has brought her fame not only in her homeland, Indonesia, but also in neighboring Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Philippines. Her performance in 2008 Asia Song Festival in Seoul, Korea, have opened up doors for her fame in Taiwan, Korea, China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. She is the only singer in Indonesia who has own dance group called Nezindahood[2], that always come along whenever Agnes perform.

Agnes Monica, with great voice and multi talent ever appear with sexy wear, remember us to Britney Spears. Is Agnes Monica want to be Britney Spears??

Agnes Monica got her first award for this year tonight. She has won the title of "Penyanyi Solo Terdahsyat (Best Female Singer)". Thanks for all the fans who has voted for her. Now, all we have to do is wait and see if Agnes will bring more award to her shelf. To be noted, here are the following upcoming awards AMI Awards (April 24th 2009), SCTV Awards, n Anugerah Industri Music.

Agnes Monica, born in July 1st 1986 is a stunning young actress from Indonesia. In Indonesian, she is known as a talented teenage. She can dance, sing and acting.

Started her in the age of 6. That time she is only a host of child program and a singer. To be honest, her album that time wasnt a big hit in Indonesia. Since in that period not many children in Indonesia bought cassette of a child singer. Then at the age of 12 years old, she entered acting world. Lupus Milenia is her first series. Not to succesfull but the series led her to the other series that surely a big hit in Indonesia. ” Pernikahan Dini ” in 2001 has made her won several awards in Indonesia.

Then, in 2003 she decided to released her first mature album called” the Story Goes “. Its a big sucess in Indonesia with the singles “Bilang Saja “, ” Jera “, ” Cinta Mati “. Then, in 2005 she released her second album ” Whaddup A “. Her second album is a sucess too. It sold 50000 copies in 10 days. Its big for indonesian singer. She is the only singer in Indonesia who has her own dance group called ” nezindahood “, the dancer always come along whenever Agnes perform.

Agnes Monica

Some people said that Agnes Monica is a role model for the teenager. Because even tough she is an actress, she still concern on her education ( she is a law student ), she is very mature and she always has a plan for her future. This year, onw of her plan is ” Go International “. Thats why she is leaning Chinese Languange even more. And as the result she played in 2 Taiwan Series ” Romance in the White House ” with Peter Ho and ” The Hospital ” with Jerry Yan. Altough she is not the leading role in the 2 series, its a big step for her and for Indonesian actress.

Bio of Agnes Monica, written by Agnezone:

3.14 in the morning

and I have this question in my mind

Who is Agnes Monica ?

An actress?

A singer?

A dancer?

Well, when the Agmonz group wanted to make a fan site for Agnes Monica , I really get excited with that idea (For you who ask why am I excited, the answer is because I’m a big fans of her. Now you can see the connection J ). For sure, I really don’t know what comes through my mind that time which make my hand typed “ Let me be the one who write about her biography, please” I even typed the word “please” 3 times as I remembered. In addition that time I didn’t think that this job will become a very hard work to me. Now, don’t dare to ask me whether it is a hard work or not because I will say loudly to you “ Yep, it’s very hard ” but when you ask me am I feel sorry because I chose the biography section and not the other I will answer it “ No ” although its hard but I feel really proud because I can share my opinion about Agnes with all of you.

Hm . . enough introduction for me and get back to the question. After thinking the answer for about 2 days, I finally get the answer. The answer is short and simple. She is a phenomenon.

Why is she a phenomenon?

Ok, don’t blame me for saying that she is a phenomenon. Because I can give you a lot of reason for that. Let me take you to a little journey to her early career until she is now. some say that she is controversial. Some say that she is arogant. But, oh well we all know that she is ” something ” in Indonesia Music Industry. In my point of view when you decide to become an entertainer then you have to do it righly in other words dont end up become someone that no one will remember. Agnes Monica always brought a big controversy whether its about her fashion, her songs and even her hairstyle. But the controversy make her unforgetable.

Chapter one - First touch with the entertainment world

Born in July 1 st 1986. She is names Agnes Monica Muljoto. Now, she is well known as Agnes Monica. Even tough she was a child, everyone have recognized that she is different compared to other children. While other children spend their day with playing with others, she already started her hardwork. She became a singer and released 3 album called “Si Meong, Yess and Bala-bala” . And not enough with that career she became a presenter in VAN (Video Anak Anteve), Tralala-Trilili in RCTI and Diva Romeo in Trans TV. And her hard work got the prize on 1999 she got an award from Panasonic Awards. She became the most favorite children presenter for her work at tralala trilili and the award she received is not stopping but get more and more every year.

Chapter two - Being successful

When she was 15 years old, not only she played in a very big hit series called “ Pernikahan Dini ” but also she is trusted to sing the series theme song. The series itself is a big test for her. Because In the series she had to act as a teenager who got married by accident and has a child. This role is surely hard to act because she is only 15. But once again she proves that she is a real actress .As the result for her role in “Pernikahan Dini” series she got 4 awards which are :The most popular drama series by viewers choice and most favorite drama actress in 2001 from Panasonic Awards , then in 2002 she got Most popular drama and again most favorite drama actress. And of course when you become a successful actress you will get lot of gossips around you because of for playing in this series is she is said to be one of the most expensive highly paid actress. The year 2002 surely a very busy year for her, she acted in 3 series “Lupus”, “ Kejarlah Daku Kau Kutangkap” and “ Amanda”. For additional information “Kejarlah Daku kau Kutangkap” is a remake from Indonesia best seller movie.

Agnes Monica

In 2003 it’s a busier year to her. She is not only continuing her acting career but also released an album. Her first adult album called “ the Story Goes”. The album is really shows her mature skill in singing, look at her voice in the song “ Jera”, “ Ku tlah jatuh cinta “ and “ Bilang Saja “ . A lot of big singer help her to made this album, Ahmad Dhani, Abdee Slank and Titi DJ. The series she played in this year are “ Cewekku Jutek” which also included her song “ Indah” for the theme song and “ Kau yang terindah”. In this year she got 1 award from Panasonic Award for Best Actress.

Some things just get better with age, like wines or Agnes Monica. In 2004,she become more popular. She played in 2 series “ Bunga Perawan” and “ Cantik”. In addition this year she planned to go international. She started it with winning an award from Anugerah Planet Muzik Singapore for New Female Artist Awards, then get along with that she got 3 more awards from AMI Samsung 2004 for her music career Best duo for her collaboration with Ahmad Dhani, Best singer, and Best dance and techno for her song Bilang Saja plus an award from SCTV Award for her acting in Cantik.

Chapter three - Her style, Her performances

Nowadays, Agnes Monica has became Indonesia role model. She change her style so many times. And many people are following her style. From her series Amanda she influence people to use preppy look for their style and then don’t forget about her hairstyle. Because of Amanda series her hairstyle become so famous. I have experienced it myself ,once when I was in a salon I heard one of the customer said this “ Do you know Amanda style? Well I want my hair to be like her”. Not just for the series, her casual style also influenced people. She usually wears tank top. Now, when you want to try to find a white tank top just ask the shopkeeper” Do you have Agnes Monica tank top?” and they will understand that.

Performances. That’s what make people really wait for her . Her performance always perfect. When people decide to watch an artist to perform, they always want the artist performances become perfect includes their style, their voice and as well their communication with the audience. And when you watch Agnes Monica you will get all of that. She always powerful at the stage, singing, dancing she can do both of that perfectly. And not many Indonesian artist who can dance perfectly like American artist such as Britney Spears. Once I remembered she ever sang Britney’s Song called “ Me Against the Music” and she sang it better than her.

One thing that has to be noticed is Agnes principal on style is ” Stop the Fashion System ” So you have to be prepare for Agnes fasion style that you will find it different than the other singer.

Chapter Four - Her religious side

One thing that make people really favor Agnes is because although she is a big actress she never forget her GOD. Unlike the other actress who like to hide their religious side, Agnes is not like that. In every awards she accept she never forget to thank her savior JESUS CHRIST. She ver said once : All I got now is from GOD, so I have to return it again to GOD”

Well, I think that’s what I can write for now. But I assure you that although this biography is finish but her career is still a long way to go. And This biography will continued when she succeeded entering the international world. Way to go GIRL !!!

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