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Senin, 13 April 2009

Foto Bugil Sarah dan Rahma Azhari Skandal

Again! Two sisters-image that Sarah and Rahma Azhari posing without clothes. Images are again circulating on the internet. In addition to the display section in the glass, two sisters out of this section also appear in the virtual world.

  Sarah Azhari Bugil, Rahma Azhari Azhari Bugil

Foto Bugil Sarah dan Rahma Azhari

foto telanjang rahma dan sarah

Want to know what us secret sexy body of Rahma Azhari? Easy enough. Who suspected that the mother of one child section as they often eat rice.

Although already has been pregnant and have a child, Rahma Azhari body still sexy like a virgin. However, according to this artist Sarah Azhari sister, there are some things that must be done so that the body still sexy. "Women already bear the body metabolism has changed. That I feel now, after four years my son," said Rahma.

He also set the pattern of his life trying to be sexy does not fade. Every day Rahma always provide time for 90 minutes to practice yoga in a room temp 42 degrees Celsius. So that the form of a body still fresh, star husband and Tanya is also a routine practice in the gym. But the pattern of eating, Rahma that prohibition does not have anything. He even confessed often eat rice.

Foto Telanjang Bugil Sarah Azhari dan Rahma Azhari

foto sarah dan rahma azhari telanjang

Sarah dan Rahma Azhari Bugil Bareng

Foto Gambar Photo Sarah Azhari & Rahma Azhari Mandi Telanjang Bugil. Sarah Azhari dan Rahma Azhari kepergok mandi bareng di kamar mandi umum tanpa menutup pintu.
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