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Rabu, 15 April 2009

Foto Hot Dewi Persik Kemben Melorot

Foto Kemben Melorot Dewi Persik Seksi

News about Dewi Persik perform prohibited at all Tangerang jurisdiction related perda no 8 year 2005 about prostitution with evoke question Syaiful Jamil ex wife. When met at Monday evening event(24/3), with high accentuating Dewi declares that he is not a bitch.

"Even God doesn't prohibit and my job is not a bitch. by the way i will not perform with opened breast in front of Government Official, " shout it.

Toket Dewi Persik

Dewi Persik Breast Touch Tragedi

Dewi Persik of course always seen section in each the appearance. So do when completed singing in one of event ( 23/01). The dangdut singer which has changed podium costume with baby this mini doll direct is invaded by]the news hunters. This young widow also have time to do interview with the journalists.
After interview ends, Dewi takes leave and rushs about towards its(the car. Without disangka-sangka there are holding ignorant hand " essential part" this exiguus woman. Without bes awaiting stripper Dewi direct to grasp the tanga and gives strike punch for shameless men of that.
The case makes it surprises, Rickety owner sawn this speeds up the step to thel car. From outside car glass, seen former this Saipul Jamil wife mops the eye using tissue.

Foto Dewi Persik Kemben Melorot

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