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Senin, 13 April 2009

Foto Sheza Idris Pesta Striper

Sheza Idris Pesta Striptease

Foto Sheza Idris di Pesta Striper Birthday Party. Lately the only flare photos seronok the pesohor circulating on the internet. Sheza Idris latest celebrity 'naughty' its spread on the internet. Sinetron stars photo this stripper who are witnessing outstanding m photosen on the internet. This incident, according to the sister, Idris Shezy, make Sheza had fallen ill

Sheza Idris Pesta  Striper

"Eight days ago, my sister Sheza Idris ask mama permission to go to one of the birthday events PH. Until there originally Sheza Idris I would like to take a long time in there, because the just intention want to give cake. Sheza Idris says he surprised, therefore there are photos in which he covered the face of life. He was ashamed because Sheza Idris had never see such that, after he went home to mama stories directly on the party if it he see naked dancers, the feel tingling, "said the Sheza Idris be contacted by phone, Sunday.

Of course, the photographs bear seronok this problem for this young star. Sheza Idris affected both parents are angry and even make them fall ill. "According to the Sheza Idris I like it, the image is outstanding because of the put in the FB (Facebook). Sheza-And I also know who put. Surely one of the friends there, for us that Facebook can be fun can be destroyed at once. Sheza to shock and pain, because shaking photos is a really original. Up-to mama - papa angry. "said Shezy.

This experience so valuable for Sheza Idris and Shezy to be more careful to the front. "Yes more careful in the environment, because the hair may be black. But the word of the heart and who knows. And because of this, and I'm not Sheza Idris Facebook can play again. . . .......
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